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Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2010 Reporting

Support files for WFD River Basin Management Plan 2010 reporting.


All enquiries can be directed to

Helpdesk log

The document log below is maintained through the course of the reporting period to ensure issues raised and responses made are available to all.

Help documents

Document No.1 supplements:


Schema style sheets

The style sheets can be downloaded and used with desktop XML applications, e.g. XMLSpy. Additionally, the desktop validation tool will convert XML using the style sheets, and XML can be transformed online in CDR. After uploading a file to an envelope, click on the file and then View it as 'HTML factsheet'.

Schema HTML files

HTML documentation for all the schemas

Reporting of spatial data and metadata

The reporting of spatial data and metadata is detailed in Document No 3 of the help documents.



Submission of schemas is made through the ReportNet Common Data Repository. Guidance on uploading to ReportNet can be found in Chapter 5 of the user guidance (Document 1). Reporting collections for RBDs have been pre-created - if there are errors please contact helpdesk.

Other supporting guidances

Change logs to documentation and tools

The following document list the changes made to the schemas, documentation and tools after the testing period