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Friday, 02 September 2011 Edited by: Marek Staron

WISE SoE data request 2011 - preparation finalized

To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Rivers and Lakes
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Groundwater
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Marine and Coastal Environment
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Water emissions
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs Water Quantity and Use
To: Ecostat network and national contact points who provided biological test data in 2009 and 2010

Cc: Eionet National Focal Points

From: Beate Werner, EEA

Dear Colleague,

As announced in the WISE SoE data request 2011 from 1 August 2011, we are sending you this second letter to inform you about the final steps in the preparation of the data collection which we have done in the last month.

Data Dictionary update

Excel templates are still valid. For using XML schemas or Access templates new versions have to be downloaded.

During the testing of the Automatic QA service (see below) certain inconsistencies were detected in the Data Dictionary definitions which had to be fixed. None of the performed changes, however, modifies the structure of the datasets (no new tables or fields).

Minor or cosmetic changes were done in definition or methodology texts for some of the elements. In some cases we have also modified lists of mandatory fields. Probably the most important change for majority of the dataset is update of the RBD codelist (see below)

The MS Excel data templates, which you have downloaded from Data Dictionary in the August, are still valid and can be used for your deliveries. If you, however, want to use the XML schemas or the newly introduced MS Access templates, new versions have to be downloaded otherwise the results might not be compatible with the requested data quality criteria.

RBD codelist update

Please use only codes from the updated codelists.

Codelist of the River Basin District codes has been updated according to the attribute EURBDcode of the RBD GIS reference layer version 1.4. Updated codelist and list of changes between the previous and the current version are available also on Circa.

The newly available codelists of the Sub Unit codes and names have been filled according to the RBDSU GIS reference layer version 1.4.

Please use only codes from the updated codelists in your data delivery. Corrected RBDcode should be provided also for the spatialy located objects (monitoring stations, water bodies, etc.) reported in the past if the RBD code has been changed (see the list of changes).

RBD GIS reference layers version 1.4, which have been used as spatial data source for updated list of RBD codes and Sub Unit codes and names, is available for download at EEA Data Service

Validation questions

Please check respective country folders on Circa for available Validation question.

Some of the Validation questions (unsolved problems and remaining opened questions concerned data reported by countries in the past), which we have announced in the request letter, has been uploaded to Circa with a certain delay.

Documents and country files relevant to Water quantity and Lakes data were already uploaded before the end of July. The validation question on remaining issues in the Rivers, Groundwater and Emissions were added during the first week of August. The TCM data related validation question has been made properly available in the first days of September.

Validation questions for Biology in Rivers and Lakes and for Biology in TC waters are not specified for comming reporting period. Remaining data problems (if any) will be solved by direct communication between data manager and national reporter.

We kindly ask you to check the respective country folders on Circa for available Validation question. As was stated in the request letter, replying on the critical QA issues is needed to achieve the highest evaluation score.

Automatic QA

Please check the results of the automatic QA, correct problems and redeliver corrected data.

The EEA has finished development of automatic quality assurance (QA) procedures for:

  • water quality in:
    • rivers
    • lakes
    • groundwater
    • marine and coastal environment
  • emissions to water

As mentioned in the request letter, the procedures are not available for reporting of biological quality elements. Concerning the water quantity reporting, they are included directly in the WQ reporting tool.

The QA procedure checks variety of data quality indicators. The most common are:

  • availability of mandatory fields
  • duplicities in primary key fields
  • correctness of data types of provided values
  • correctness of used codes where codelists are defined
  • tests of specified logical rules
  • detection of potential outliers

The QA procedures are embedded in the CDR. Results of data tests will immediately be available after data upload. We warmly recommend checking the results, correct problems (if any) and redeliver corrected data. The more problems you can fix before you release the data, the faster your deliveries can be processed. A further level of data quality checks will be carried out by ETC data managers, as usual.

You can find out more details about the Automatic QA service for WISE SoE data flows at: The help files were created for one of the previous data flows, but the content is still valid with just some minor exceptions.

Helpdesk and support


  • In case of login problems or any other technical difficulties with Eionet web services, please contact Eionet Helpdesk
  • In case of questions related to the content of the data requested, please contact the responsible person as specified in the updated Data Dictionary guidelines (see there under Methodology).

Finally, we kindly remind you that the WISE SoE data collection period will run until 31 October 2011. We also sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the delay in the data cllection preparation and the changes described above could cause you.

Beate Werner
Head of Group - Water
European Environment Agency