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Thursday, 03 December 2015 Edited by: Anita Künitzer, Olaf Büttner, Marek Staron

WISE SoE data request 2015

To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Water quality
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Water emissions
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Water quantity and Use
Cc: Eionet National Focal Points

From: Beate Werner, EEA

Dear Colleague,

The 2015 WISE SoE annual data request will run from Thursday 3 December until Saturday, 30 April 2016. Data are requested for:

  • Emissions to water
  • Water quantity
  • Water quality in rivers, lakes, groundwater
  • Spatial data

Since the SoE data request for freshwater data was suspended last year, we kindly request data for 2013 and 2014 as well as any updates or resubmissions for previous years as offered by you in the consultation process of the Quality Fact Sheets.

The SoE data request for transitional, coastal and marine waters is suspended this year and therefore no data are requested.

The datasets from previous year’s submission are available at the EEA Water Data Centre.

Reporting of 2013 and 2014 data, and of spatial data

Please use only the latest versions of data delivery templates downloaded from DD.

The Reporting Obligation Database (ROD) has been updated for this data requests.

Detailed definitions of the requested data for all water category datasets are available in the Reportnet Data Dictionary (DD):

In order to facilitate the processing of your data, please use only the latest versions of data delivery templates downloaded from the DD. The available reporting formats are:

  • MS Excel -.xls and .xlsx format is possible
  • XML files - for more technically inclined
  • GML files – for spatial data. Shapefiles can be converted to GML using the online conversion tools provided in Please follow the instructions given there. Only the GML files must be uploaded to CDR.

The CDR help for WISE SoE provides you with the following supporting guidance documents:

Reporting of spatial data

The WISE - Spatial Data (WISE-5) data flow includes the spatial reference datasets relevant for the Water Information System for Europe. It follows the same data models used in the Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2016 spatial data reporting. In 2015/2016, and given the overlapping reporting periods of the SoE and WFD, it is expected that only Data Providers not reporting under the WFD (e.g. non-EU Member States) will report information under WISE-5.

Data Providers reporting under the WFD may also use WISE-5 to provide information on EIONET spatial objects not covered by the WFD reporting, although it is expected that this will be an exceptional situation.

You will be notified when the final deployment of all functionalities is made in CDR (which should occur simultaneously with the WFD reporting).

Data Delivery and Automatic Quality Control (QC)

Please check the results of the automatic QA, correct problems and redeliver corrected data.

The general QC rules for each reporting category will be available in CDR help (outliers, violations of internal logical rules for the data, errors in monitoring station information) and are specified for each reporting category.

All delivery files should be uploaded to the Central Data Repository (CDR). Please, use the appropriate formats (MS Excel, XML, GML) for delivery of your datasets. Automatic QA procedures have been updated following the changes in the Data Dictionaries. Please note, that there are now ‘blockers’ among the QC rules, which will hinder you from releasing your envelope if you do not fulfill these minimum requirement of quality of your data submissions. If you intend to add or correct data after completing (released and finished) an envelope, please create a new envelope and upload the complete revised dataset. Envelopes must contain full datasets, even if it is a redelivery.

Evaluation and scoring criteria

EEA has reported to the EEA Management Board on country responses to the Eionet water data collection since 1999 (see archive of EIONET Progress reports).

The scoring criteria for the 2015 data collection have been updated in line with the recommendations by the EEA/NFP Working Group on Eionet Priority data flows (see Report: Review and recommendations for future reporting of country core data flows) and are available at the CDR help. You may wish to provide your comments to the new scoring criteria by 31 January to

Helpdesk and support

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and look forward to another successful data flow.

Beate Werner
Head of Group - Water
European Environment Agency