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Friday, 06 December 2013 Edited by: Karl Falkenberg

UWWTD data request 2013 - "non-Pilot" MS (SIIFs)





The Director-General



ENV.C.2/BB/ cg ares (2013)

Permanent Representatives of the "non-Pilot" MS (SIIFs)

Your Excellency,

According to Article 15 of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD, 91/271/EEC[1]), the Commission has the duty to monitor progress in the implementation of the Directive.

To launch the next reporting exercise, the Commission now requests information in the context of Article 15.4 of the UWWTD as well as Article 4 of the Treaty on the European Union. With a view to providing the public with information that is as up-to-date as possible and ensuring better comparability of data than has been the case in the past, we ask all Member States to deliver data for the year 2012[2].

The reporting process will be the same as in the past, through a questionnaire that was agreed in 2006, however slightly modified and updated as further explained in Annex 1. A list of required parameters and information (Annex 2) and some additional background information (Annex 3) is also attached.

I would be grateful to receive your replies within six months of your receipt of this letter via the Reportnet system of the European Environment Agency.

In addition, the Commission requests the submission of an implementation plan in accordance with Article 17 by 30 June 2014. The plan should ensure or maintain compliance, as required by the Directive.

I would also like to inform you that the Commission has launched a pilot exercise for the development of 'SIIFs' (structured information and implementation frameworks) which, once established, will constitute a more effective and streamlined way to provide the information requested above (see Annex I for more details). Should you be interested to make use of this option for reporting in the future, please do not hesitate to contact my services.

For any complementary questions, please contact Ms Benilde Bujarrabal Fernández, phone: (+32)-2-2996863, email:

Yours faithfully,

Karl Falkenberg


Annex 1: Background of the main reporting requirements for Questionnaire-2013 in English
Annex 2: List of parameters for Questionnaire-2013 in English
Annex 3: How to use Reportnet for reporting under the Urban Waste Water treatment directive (91/271/EEC) in English


[1] OJ L 135 of 30.5.1991

[2] If a Member State faces exceptional circumstances that prevent reporting on 2012 data, information based on 2011 can be provided. The Commission asks Member States in this situation to provide a justification that will be included in the forthcoming UWWTD report