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Monday, 13 February 2012

Country review of SoE Hazardous Substances Report

To:       NRCs on rivers-lakes
            NRCs on groundwater
            NRCs on TCM
cc:        Eionet National Focal Points

From: Anita Künitzer, ETC/ICM

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to provide your comments to the draft ETC/ICM Technical Report

Hazardous Substances in Water

A complementary ETC/ICM background report to the EEA Technical Report No. 8/2011 - Hazardous Substances in Europe’s Fresh and Marine Waters

This report has been uploaded to Eionet Forum (The whole report as zipped pdf of 14 MB and in six parts of 5 MB maximum):

The ETC/ICM (European Topic Centre for inland, coastal and marine waters) has compiled this first pan-European Technical Report on hazardous substances providing information on their occurrence in European waters. The report is based on SoE data voluntarily reported by European countries within the EIONET network for the period 1999-2009. The assessment is focused mainly on priority hazardous substances and selected other hazardous substances with sufficient spatial and temporal coverage throughout the Europe.

The assessment is based on an occurrence of hazardous substances that should not naturally occur in the environment (occurrence based on concentrations above the limit of quantification). Hazardous substances data were reported with various limits of detection (LOD) or quantification (LOQ) that change over the time and LOD/LOQ may differ by order of magnitude depending on the reporting country. This has to be considered when reading through the report. Further, the type of the assessment is based on a comparison with quality standards using the most recent data available at the time of the assessment.

When reviewing the report, please pay attention to

            1.      The figures with national statistics on data availability in chapter 1,
      2.      Figures on maximum concentrations, and
      3.      Occurrence of hazardous substances relevant to your country.

Even though the datasets were thoroughly checked by NRCs prior to reporting, there might be errors overseen by NRCs, which could be better identified when looking at the figures in the report. Your feedback is important for us in order to improve the quality and credibility of the data gathered via SoE reporting.

Please send your comments by 13 March to Vit Kodes at:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and we are looking forward to your replies.

The report and your comments will be presented and discussed with you at the upcoming Eionet workshop on 29/30 March at the European Environment Agency.

Dr. Anita K
European Topic Centre on inland, coastal and marine waters