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Monday, 06 July 2009 Edited by: Karl Falkenberg

UWWTD data request 2009


The Director-General

Brussels, 06/07/09

Implementation of Council Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment

Request for information: UWWTD Questionnaire-2009

Your Excellency,

According to the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) the Commission has a duty to monitor the progress of the implementation of the directive. The latest (5th) reporting exercise was launched in 2007 and the report from this exercise is being finalised and is expected to be published in July 2009.

In the 5th reporting exercise the UWWTD Questionnaire was prepared in close collaboration with the Member States and tested during the exercise.
Results for this directive were for the first time integrated into the Water Information System for Europe (WISE).

The Questionnaire-2009 is identical to one developed during the previous exercise and reflects the core elements of the directive, in particular:

1.      inventory and geo-referenced information on designated sensitive areas and their catchments (including designated less sensitive areas, if any);

2.      information at agglomeration level covering waste water collection, treatment level and performance for all agglomerations for which the deadlines of the directive and the Accession Treaties has been expired;

3.      aggregated information at Member State level on waste water reuse and sewage sludge management.

The reference year to report is 2007 (Status as on 31/12/2007). For the assessment of treatment performance, the information should cover the monitoring year of 2007 (from 1 January to 31 December 2007). Alternatively, 2008 data could be reported if available, but the information for the entire Member State has to be consistent and refer to a unique, clearly indicated, reporting year (either 2007 or 2008).

The background information requested in Questionnaire-2009 is further explained in Annex 1. The list of parameters requested by this reporting exercise is indicated in the Annex 2.

Starting from 2009, reporting under UWWTD will be carried out by uploading data into WISE via ReportNet (the European Environment Agency's electronic infrastructure for data collection).

Member States have the right to submit reports on the implementation of the EU legislation in their national languages. This basic right is not altered by introducing an electronic reporting tool. However, in practical terms and taking account the budgetary constraints of the Commission, the presentation of the electronic reporting tool and the help documentation is provided only in English. This approach is similar to the one agreed for the Water Framework Directive reporting. It is the intention to expand to other languages in the future subject to budget availability.

The Commission is making this request for information in the context of Article 15 of the UWWTD as well as Article 10 of the EC Treaty to enable it to form an overview of implementation of the UWWTD across the EU.

We would be grateful to receive the requested information (one report per Member State) that shall be uploaded into Central Data Repository within six months of receipt of this letter.

In order to improve the reporting process and ensure a reliable picture of the implementation of the Directive in all 27 Member States, the Commission will consult Member States on the 6thSummary report in the course of 2010. In order to allow this it is essential that the above deadline is respected.

Karl Falkenberg

Annex 1: Background of the main reporting requirements for Questionnaire-2009
Annex 2: List of parameters for Questionnaire-2009