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Friday, 31 July 2009 Edited by: Anita Künitzer

WISE SoE data request 2009

To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Rivers and Lakes
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Groundwater
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Marine and Coastal Environment

To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs for Water emissions
To: Eionet PCPs and NRCs Water Quantity and Use
Cc: Eionet National Focal Points

From: Beate Werner, EEA


Dear Colleague,

The 2009 WISE SoE annual data request is the ninth formal water data collection in Eionet and will run from 1 August until Saturday, 31 October 2009.  It requests data for rivers, lakes, groundwater, marine and coastal environment, emissions to water and water quantity.

Data for water quantity and emissions to water are from this year onwards requested as regular data flows in the annual data request. Following the test data flows on water quantity and emissions to water last year and the agreements at the respective Eionet workshops, the Water Directors agreed in their November 2008 meeting the reporting sheets and NFPs agreed during their Meeting in February 2009 on regular SoE data flows. The Reportnet tools for these two data flows have been prepared for emissions and are being finalised for water quantity: EEA has announced in the email letter of 10 July that the data request on water quantity will start one month later than the other data requests, since a specific input tool is being established.

Reporting of 2008 monitoring results for all water categories:

In order to facilitate the processing of your data, please only use the data delivery templates as provided through the Data Dictionary. The Data Dictionary should be also used as technical guidelines for reporting. The Data Dictionary is continuously being improved and has been updated for the 2009 WISE SoE data request. Code lists of substances for nutrients and hazardous substances have been harmonised for all water categories and compared to Water Directive lists of substances to allow for better integrated assessments. A summary of the changes made is given for the Data Dictionary of each water category in the methodology section:

o   Data Dictionary for Rivers

o   Data Dictionary for Lakes  

o   Data Dictionary for Groundwater

o   Data Dictionary for Transitional, Coastal and Marine waters

o   Data Dictionary for Emissions to water

o   Input tool and Manual for water quantity (The input tool will be available from early September onwards and will be announced by a separate letter)

The relevant entries into the Reporting Obligation Database (ROD) have been updated as well.

Clarification of still unsolved validation questions to countries from last years reporting:

Validation questions (outliers, violations of internal logical rules for the data, errors/gaps in station information) on the data reported by you last year and in previous years, and which have not been answered yet by you, are uploaded to Circa in country folders at (

Please check these validation questions for rivers, lakes, groundwater and TCM and update/resubmit your datasets where necessary together with the new data. You may report separately, if identified potential outliers are indeed correct values.

Data Delivery

All data files should be uploaded either to the Central Data Repository (CDR) or to your national Eionet server, depending on the choice of your country for delivering Eionet priority data.

Automatic quality assurance (QA) service

EEA/ETC Water has updated the set of automatic QA procedures for all water categories on rivers, lakes, groundwater and TCM. The automatic QA service for emissions will become available by mid August. [For this years reporting on water quantity, the automatic QA procedures are included into the input tool].

The procedures are embedded in the CDR. Results of data checks will immediately be available after data upload. We warmly recommend checking the results, correct problems (if any) and redeliver corrected data. A further level of data quality checks will be carried out by ETC data managers, as usual.

You can find out more about the WISE SoE QA service at: , which is related to last year’s dataflow, but in most the cases still valid.

Progress report evaluation and scoring criteria

EEA has reported to EEA Management Board on country responses to the Eionet water data collection since 1999 (see archive of EIONET Progress reports). The purpose of the priority data flow report is to show progress against agreed, stable, well-defined objectives in order to allow countries to focus their resources on putting regular reporting procedures in place.

The scoring criteria for the 2009 data collection are slightly updated: For rivers and lakes the timely delivery is a prerequisite for higher scoring; for groundwater emphasis has been put on disaggregated data and for marine data the criteria for 1 to 2 scores have been specified more exactly. Scoring criteria for emissions to water have been newly developed. For water quantity, scoring criteria will only be developed and included into the evaluation for next years reporting. We will use your feedback on the reporting tool to set up appropriate criteria. We hope that the additional support described will result in high scores for all countries.

Helpdesk service and support

·        In case of login problems or any other technical difficulties with Eionet web services, please contact Eionet Helpdesk.

·        In case of questions related to the content of the data requested, please contact the responsible person as specified in the updated Data Dictionary guidelines (see there under Methodology).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and look forward to another successful annual data flow.

Beate Werner
Head of Group - Water
European Environment Agency