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Activities in 2018

The ETC/ICM is supporting activities of the European Environment Agency in the areas of freshwater, marine and maritime issues with data handling, indicator development and thematic assessments.

The main activities of the 2018 subvention are listed below:

1.2 Industrial pollution

1.2.1 Industrial pollution Support to the E-PRTR data review

1.5 Water management, resources and ecosystems

1.5.1 WFD and water ecosystem-based management

1.5.1.a: WFD assessment

1.5.1.b: Bathing Water Directive assessment

1.5.1.c: Update of EEA freshwater indicators

1.5.1.d: Freshwater team meeting

1.5.1.f: Water and agriculture

1.5.2 Water pollution, chemials and health

1.5.2.a: Chemicals in Europe’s Surface Waters

1.5.2.b: Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive

1.5.3 Hydrosystems & floods

1.5.3.a: Floodplain ecosystems and floods

1.5.4 Water resources, efficiency and accounts

1.5.4.a: Assessment of water quantity and water quantity accounts

1.5.4.b: Water quality accounts

1.5.6/1.6.4 ETC management

1.5.6.a/1.6.4.a: ETC management and networking with Eionet

1.6 Marine and coastal environment and maritime activities

1.6.1 WISE - marine dataflows and information structure

1.6.1.a: Spatial reference layers

1.6.1.b: WISE-6 and WISE-2 data flows

1.6.1.c: Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) reporting

1.6.1.d: EEA indicators

1.6.1.e: Development of WISE-Marine

1.6.1.f: Marine LitterWatch

1.6.2 Marine and maritime assessments 2018

1.6.2.a: Marine biodiversity in Europe

1.6.2.b: Marine protected area network assessment

1.6.2.c: Sustainable use of Europe’s seas

1.6.2.d: Pressures and cumulative effects in Europe´s seas

1.6.2.f: Contaminants in Europe’s seas

1.6.2.g: Eutrophication in Europe’s seas

1.6.2.h: An integrated assessment of Europe's marine ecosystem health and our dependencies on healthy seas - Marine Messages II

1.6.2.i: Marine team meeting

1.6.3 Developing marine natural capital assessment frameworks

1.6.3.a: EEA Report on ‘Quick guide to assessing marine ecosystem capacity for service supply within an EU policy context’

1.6.3.b: Development of a methodology to calculate a pilot ‘European seafloor integrity account’ on the basis of the assessment of the state of seabed habitats from fishing pressure


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